Why should I use Vehicle?

By using vehicle you can greatly improve your route planning and optimization.  First, it is possible to specify MaxMinutes or MaxStop for a vehilce.  This alone can save you time and make your planning more manageable.

But using a vehicle has one very important advantage: Finish address.

We cannot emphasize enough how important using Finish address is.  Although optional, your route will optimize much better when you have a Finish address.  Please do your best to tell us where you like to be at the end of the route.  Here's an example of a route without a finish address and another with finish.

Notice that in the first case even though route miles is 45, we must drive 22 miles to get back to our office which gives us a total of 67 miles. In the second case, route is optimized using a Finish address.  Our total mileage traveled is 54 in the second image below. You can see that this is 25% better than when we did not have a Finish address.

 Total miles = 67.0

Total miles = 54.0