Importing from Excel files

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Importing your addresses from Excel spreadsheet is a great way to reduce data entry time and to facilitate route optimization for multiple routes.  It is easy and it is fast. If you are entering data online one-address-at-a-time then you seriously need to consider using the "import" feature. This is how it works:

Enter all of your addresses into Excel spreadsheet starting at the upper left corner(cell A1).

First, create a spreadsheet in Excel with all of your stops (see image) for your first driver.  Second, use the "Import from Excel" link to import the addresses.  After importing, click the "Build Route" button.  Print your route and the driving directions. Now you are ready for the next route for another driver.  Go back to "Import from Excel", and import another Excel spreadsheet with the stops for the second driver.  Click "Build Route" and print the route for the second driver.  Now you are ready for the third driver.  You get the idea?

Be sure not to put any header. Your sheet must resemble the image below or data will not be imported.