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  Back If you need to visit C at 8am, A at 10am, B at 2pm, and D & E stops any time, but not sure which is the best route, then you have come to the right place.  TrackRoad can help manage time window routes.
  In the vehicle form, specify Time In.  That is the time the vehicle is available and can start its route.

In the stop form, speciy arrival time.  If no arrival time is needed then leave Arrival Time blank.  Our system will automatically try to fit in the no arrival time stops with arrival time stops whenever possible.
  Each stop can also have a waiting time period. The waiting time at each stop in minutes can be specified in advance (enter manually or via Excel sheet column I).  The waiting time will then be factored into the route's total time and will affect how the route will be planned.

Stops with time window have high priorities over stops without time.  TrackRoad will do its best to arrive at the stops before requested arrival time.  Of course, there can be physical restrictions that could make it impossible to arrive at each stop in a timely manner.
    Using to schedule your appointments can be extremely beneficial.  This is specially true if there are stops with no arrival time.  In those cases it may be possible to visit some no-time stops if they are on the path and still be able to make it to your next appointment on time.

TrackRoad can tell you exactly how many vehicles are needed to make all your deliveries on time.  Enter your stops with time window, and enter one vehicle with Start/Finish addresses and Time In/Time Out for the vehicle.  When you click Build Route, you will see number of (routes) vehicles that are needed.