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 "Stops" are locations you must visit, deliver to or pickup from.
Enter Your addresses here and verify them to make sure they are correct.
Click the flag to change start/end locations.
The Country field must be filled out.  A valid postal code can help find locations quicker. Click Add to add the stop to the list.  Stops are entered as midpoint locations.  If you have a starting location, then enter it by selecting "Start" fom the Stop Type combo box.

You may use 'Import from Excel' link to import your stops from an Excel file.  This is the easiest and quickest way to get all of your stops into the system.  Registered users also have the option of importing XML files.

You may use your mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out the map.

TrackRoad can support optimizing routes when there are one or more vehicles.  This page explain how to do one starting location. To learn how to use the multi-vehicle, see multiple vehicle help.

After entering your stops, click Build Route to build your route.  Then go to Get Directions.
Use the blue Next and Previous arrows to page through your directions.  For best format, use the "Print using PDF" icon on the far left and print once the document is sent to the PDF.